Anna Lynn Regan spent a few minutes with me in the woods outside of the Inn she runs with her spouse Iliana, deep in the Hiawatha National Forest.

They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for-or each other……. Helplessly Hoping: Stephen Stills

I can’t think of a better way to describe the team at the Milkweed Inn.

In the interview she defines her job and the fundamentals of working with the one she loves. It’s a hard life in the woods. They serve 10 guests every weekend. 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, and a lovely 6 course lunch. Anna leads a caravan in from a lonely gas station outside of Rapid River, Michigan for 20 miles through the backroads, then dirt roads into their Milkweed Inn.

They run the Milkweed themselves with the help of one other person, an intern who supports Iliana in the kitchen. Household chores and beverage service is totally up to Anna. Days prior to guests arriving require hours of foraging as most everything they serve is gathered from the forest around the Inn.

One person, two alone in the forest, three together with the intern, working for each other.