After a successful day at Mesa Falls, on our way to the lodge we took a left hand turn off of Highway 20 late in the afternoon. Heading into uncharted territory for us, not really knowing where we were going or what to expect. In a hurry to arrive, timing was key to catch the light and arrive at the riverside fire pit – just as the sunset was moving into its magic hour, we hit it perfectly as the sun melted into the western sky.

We are pan frying Blackened Buffalo Medallions and onions over a fire pit

Driving through dense woods on the way in, while I watched for bears, I wasn’t sure we were going to make it, but we did. The Lakeside Lodge crew greeted us and got us started seamlessly. Chef Dibble had buffalo tenderloins trimmed and prepped, blackening seasonings mixed and the chipotle ranch blended and chilled.

This dish can be made with other game like elk or venison, it also serves well for beef. Having just stepped out of the Henry’s Fork River an hour earlier I was especially pleased to see how quickly the whole thing came together as I was hungry and ready to eat.

To use this recipe successfully on your next river trip, follow Jacobs’ lead and have your ingredients prepared in advance, once the fire is started and the skillet is hot, seasoning and then searing the medallions takes about the same amount of time as it takes to plate the greens and boom! – you’re serving a hot and spicy dish for a crowd.

Adapted from chef Jacob Dibble’s recipe Lakeside Lodge, Island Park, Idaho
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Blackened Buffalo Medallions Recipe

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