Planning for a float trip requires lists. One of my favorite lists involves kitchen prep for the riverside lunch, or in this case, brunch. Having found a perfect Fishpond canvas cooler at Henry’s Fork Anglers step one was taken care of. Everything I needed fit into one package including the cast iron skillets, paper plates, cutting board, knife and  spatula.

Next step was to slice and dice the potatoes, peppers, onions and butternut squash. Ziplock bags make for perfect storage for the prepped vegetables, bacon and chorizo, along with a box of chicken stock. The baguette for our toast also fit. I wrapped it in tinfoil prior to leaving the Lakeside Lodge.

Taking this approach made arriving at the campsite easy. We built the fire, set up the skillets, got the chicken stock and poaching water boiling and in no time we were ready to serve.

Important to note that the fire area always requires extra time for clearing to ensure a safe fire zone, as well as extra time after the meal putting the fire out and secure a safe site prior to hitting the river.

Red Flannel Hash, cooking ovr fire on Henry's Fork in Idaho

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