The Lakeside Lodge is hidden and off the beaten path – perhaps that’s what I liked most about the establishment. Situated at the top of the Island Park Reservoir on Henry’s Fork River, it’s a perfect base camp for adventure oriented groups, especially if you’re fishing anywhere in and around Yellowstone. The lodge is located in Last Chance, Idaho, about 40 minutes north on Highway 20. Our group of 5 rented a cabin for a few days and found the amenities top notch and affordable.

Recipe for Buffalo Tenderloin Stuffed with Blueberry and Ricotta

As we finished cooking over fire, chef Jacob Dibble began to plate his entree for this recipe and it occurred to me that while the whole buffalo filet is fit for a king, serving a heavenly protein like this as an 8 oz portion might be more than some will really need. As we chatted about his dish he was quick to agree that if served with a starter and a healthy portion of vegetables, it would be appropriate to cut the filet in half and serve 4 oz cuts to 8 guests providing more at less cost and have less of an impact on the environment.

Blueberry Ricotta Stuffed Buffalo Filet
Mustard Grain Compound Butter
Buffalo Tenderloin Filet
Plating the Bison Filet meal at The Lakeside Lodge in Idaho
Bison Filet, red onions, mixed peppers, zucchini
Buffalo Filet Recipe Card

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