Herb mayonnaise is a great way to flavor a fish fillet or steak while still keeping in the moisture as it cooks. This is a super easy recipe that can be adapted to whatever fresh herbs you have in your kitchen or garden. Serving grilled fish over a kale salad keeps the healthy component of your diet in check. It’s also an easy riverside preparation: just slice the kale, organize ingredients in advance then add vinaigrette as you start the fire.

The kale salad is dedicated to my friend Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria. She’s fit and health focused. I’ve combined kale with blueberries, quinoa and a touch of salty feta cheese to give this salad a colorful background to the simple white fluke.

At both Estia’s Restaurants this salad has become a regular special. In Sag Harbor I always feature it seasonally with kale harvested from my garden.

Colin harvesting Kale in the Estia's Little Kitchen garden
Chiffonading the kale
Mrs. B's Kale Salad
Grilling the coated fish
Grilled fluke with kale salad
Grilled Montauk fluke recipe

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