Finding pickled beets at the Hayward Farmers Market
Driftless Cafe, another succulent dish
Musky Country Salad with Bratwurst

About the food and recipes you find here

American Rivers Tours is about the food that is being created outside the urban areas in the heartland of America told through the stories of local chefs, heritage, regional ingredients and recipes. Each video episode showcases a talented chef in the kitchen of their nearby restaurant and along the riverside preparing dishes for campfire cuisine. As one chef to another, host Colin Ambrose discovers memorable tastes and explores new techniques as the chefs bond in the kitchen and on the river.

On the road we leave the main highways and make stops to visit local butcher shops, cheese-makers, canners and picklers, beekeepers, small farmers, and other culinary artisans.

American Rivers Tour is about a dining experience beyond the ordinary. It shows you how to prepare and cook on the fire delicious dishes that you can enjoy after your day on the river or anywhere outdoors.

We help you plan and pack for the food on your trip by outfitting your modern day Wannigan (an old Indian word for a box made to store food for canoe trips) with key cooking utensils, lightweight service-ware, all in one pans, non-perishable staples, condiments and fire aids.