Feeding the family is fundamental. Nothing brings me more joy than planning a meal for the people that I love. Being the father of three girls, fishing hasn’t been the thing we automatically turn to when everyone’s in town. Cooking together, on the other hand, is a daily routine. We generally start the conversation at about 2pm, and by 6pm the marketing has been completed, including visits to farm stands, Quail Hill (our local CSA), Estia’s garden, and our favorite fishmonger. My kids are good cooks and love to rise to the challenge of preparing a meal. This one is a highlight in each of their own recipe repertoires which they carry forward and share with their friends to rave reviews.

As the summer wanes, my daughters, all in or out of college, are only home for a few more weeks, and they are craving my Long Island Clam Supper. This dish has been on their list since the 90’s—of course back then they didn’t love red chili heat like they do now, and the choice of pasta has evolved from spaghetti to bucatini.

Dinner on the patio is complete with a simple salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and feta, sliced baguette and, for this family, a bowl of freshly grated Parmesan—despite the naysayers about cheese with seafood pasta.

The Ambrose family enjoying a meal together
Long Island Clam Supper: Bucatini & Littlenecks
Recipe Bucatini & Littleneck Clams

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