Empire State Trail, The Hudson River Ride

“Tuesday’s on the Trail” chronicles Chef Colin Ambrose’s bicycle ride from Manhattan to Canada with a focus on fishing for Northern Pike on Lake Champlain.

Tuesday’s on the Trail | The Film

"Tuesday’s on the Trail" chronicles Chef Colin Ambrose’s bicycle ride from Manhattan to Canada with a focus on fishing for Northern Pike on Lake Champlain. Read what some of our viewers said about the Empire State Trail film: August 18, 2021 Colin, This film is fantastic. Honest, heartfelt, well shot, well edited...just [...]

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Empire State Trail, Hudson River Ride #1 | 3/4/21

Day #1 22.5 miles total. This ride was recorded in Strava until my phone died mid-way. I was accompanied by Cameraman Bill Moulton who rode with me to Ardsley and drove me back to the garage in Battery park where I picked up my truck. It’s been over a [...]

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Ardsley to New Castle | Empire State Trail, Hudson River Ride #2 | 3/8/21

Heading to Ardsley by train, then onward via the bicycle Day #2 16.5 miles total 13.5 miles on EST I parked my car at Croton on the Hudson train station and used the train to get to Ardsley. Note: Metro-North bike pass required on the train. I later returned to the train riding off-trail [...]

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New Castle to Mahopac | Empire State Trail, Hudson River Ride #3 | 3/9/21

Day #3 18.4 miles total 21 miles on EST Half of this was off trail due to snowy patches in shadows. The road from Yorktown heights to Mahopac is quicker and relatively safe. This on road approach worked well as the snow on trail would have slowed us down. [...]

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Mahopac to Holmes | The Putnam county roller coaster | Day #4 | 3/15/21

Day #4 19 miles total Northbound. Halfway between Mahopac and Brewster, there’s a cross trail that features a tuning station with compressed air, but no EST sign. The Empire State Trail parking area on Rt. 6 is across the street from Bikeways, a bike shop that provided easy google [...]

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The Prison Break: Pawling to Hopewell Junction Day | Day #5 | 3/22/21

Day #5 14 miles total Northbound. Short off-trail ride in Hopewell Junction to stop for lunch. Approaching the trail this morning had me touring the Stormville countryside. I was thinking north was south from the get-go, moving forward I’m going to check my cell phone's compass on arrival to [...]

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Hopewell Junction to New Paltz | Day #6 | 3/29/21

Over the River and Through the Woods along the Empire State Trail Day #6 22.6 miles total. Short ride off-trail in New Paltz stopping for lunch. The Hopewell Junction Depot parking area was empty when I pulled in at 10 am on Monday, March 29th. Shortly after I arrived, [...]

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New Paltz to Annandale on Hudson | Day #7 | 03/30/21

Day #7 27 miles estimated total. The Strava App lost contact in Rosendale. Tuesday with Charlie: We're riding along the Hudson Tuesday morning tossed me in the mixer again. Having cruised through New Paltz on Monday, signs for the Empire State Trail along the main drag had me convinced [...]

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Annandale on Hudson to Hudson | Day #8 | 4/6/21

Day #8 30 miles estimated total. The Strava App lost contact after 8 miles. Twisted in Tivoli: From Annandale to Hudson Back on River Road in a parking area for a scenic hike called Poet's Walk, on a property that’s thought to be the inspiration for Rip Van Winkle. [...]

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