Empire State Trail, The Hudson River Ride

“Tuesday’s on the Trail” chronicles Chef Colin Ambrose’s bicycle ride from Manhattan to Canada with a focus on fishing for Northern Pike on Lake Champlain.

Annandale on Hudson to Hudson | Day #8 | 4/6/21

Day #8 30 miles estimated total. The Strava App lost contact after 8 miles. Twisted in Tivoli: From Annandale to Hudson Back on River Road in a parking area for a scenic hike called Poet's Walk, on a property that’s thought to be the inspiration for Rip Van Winkle. [...]

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Moto to Velo then Zia’s: Hudson to East Greenbush | Day # 9 | 4/7/21

3 Stop 4 Letter Ride, from Moto to Velo then Zia’s on the Empire State Trail Day #9 37 miles total. The Strava App was not turned on until we reached Valatie. We stopped off-trail for lunch in Nassau. Bright shafts of sunlight filtered into Charlie’s guest room at [...]

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East Greenbush to Peebles and back | Day #10 | 04/18/21

Bike Riding through Albany, Twice Day #10 25.7 miles total round trip 12.8 miles north on Empire State Trail East Greenbush to Peebles Island State Park - today's ride was a round trip so I road through Albany twice, which was nice, I’ve never visited Albany.

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Peebles Island State Park to Fort Edward | Day # 11 | 4/19/21

Day #11 Monday morning 8:30-11 am. First of 2 rides. Monday with Charlie. Strava reports a 12.68 miles round trip ride from Peebles Island State Park to Halfmoon. Monday Afternoon ride from Halfmoon to Fort Edward. 33.7 miles total. I rode with Michael Cinque to Shylerville then finished the ride alone. Charlie joined [...]

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Adirondack Mountains: Fort Edward to Ticonderoga | Day #12 | 4/20/21

We're Riding on Mountain Time, heading from Fort Edward on the Empire State Trail We checked into the Hilton in Saratoga Springs (no accommodations available any closer to the trail) after Monday’s 50-mile ride, excited to have the services and amenities provided by an upscale hotel chain. Upon check-in, we found that Covid procedures [...]

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Ticonderoga to Westport, NY | Empire State Trail Day #13 | 4/26/2021

Delighting on April Flowers on our way from Ticonderoga on the Empire State Trail After an overnight at Charlie’s house in Hudson, my morning started early driving north to Ticonderoga with the sunrise. It was another blue sky day and the drive on I 87 was visually thrilling, filled with the texture of Adirondack [...]

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All mixed up in Westport: Westport to Keeseville | Day #14 | 4/27/21

Trying to find back to the Empire State Trail in Westport After fishing the “Putt” with Sean, Jimmy and I were driving back to Westport on 9N and I noticed a big moon rising over the Vermont mountains on the eastern horizon. Forever farmland views provided an unobstructed view. I had to pull a [...]

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Stick it into Keeseville: Keeseville to Rouses Point | Day #15 | 4/28/21

When planning began for my “Tuesday’s on the trail” adventure I set a few goals. First - to start in early March providing time to ride into the north country prior to April 1st and the opening of the fishing season. Second - to ride at least as far as Hopewell Junction by the [...]

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