Leland Michigan: Ben & Caroline Maier, Picnic

Leland Michigan: Ben & Caroline Maier, Picnic Oct, 1,2022 Leland, Michigan was the first stop on this year's American Rivers Tour fall 2022 adventure. My dark green 2018 Ford F 150 was loaded comfortably in the bed with enough gear ( Yeti cooler, wanagan, emergency sleeping bags and fly fishing [...]

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Steelhead Maniacs of the Chagrin River, Ohio

Welcome to Episode 3 of American Rivers Tour Season 3 ! This episode Chef Colin Ambrose travels to fish for steelhead in the Chagrin River with Chef Tim Bando and guide Dan Pribanic. Come along as the crew hooks some coveted Great Lakes steelhead and cooks a fine Hobo Skillet [...]

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Hand Carving Fishing Lures with Aage Bjerring

Welcome to Episode 4 of American Rivers Tour Season 3. This episode Chef Colin joins wooden lure maker, Aage Bjerring in his studio, to learn about the art behind hand-carving classic wooden lures. Join us as we discover this art form and learn from this master lure-maker. [...]

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Winter Fly Fishing in Montana: On the Lewis & Clark Trail

Fishing the Little Blackfoot River in Missoula, Montana This episode we travel with Chef Colin as he visits Missoula, Montana, finding his favorite coffee spot, learning some local history and fishing along the way. Discover a special stretch of the famous Blackfoot river outside of Missoula and meet some [...]

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Beaverkill Hatchery Rainbow Trout Recipe with Roasted Grape Relish

Adapted from a recipe by Galen Sampson, Chef and G.M. at the Beaverkill Valley Inn that he demonstrated over fire at the BVI. For this Recipe we are using a beautiful Rainbow Trout from the Beaverkill Hatchery Galen Sampson has settled into a comfortable life with his wife on the edge of the Upper [...]

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Beaverkill Valley Inn: Trout tales from the Catskill mountains

Enjoying peace and quiet at the Beaverkill Valley Inn I seek warmth and kindness. Emotional security for me emerges from distant places where the sound of moving water fills quiet corners and quiet kitchen voices encourage just one more bite. This old soul experiences clarity in vintage buildings on back [...]

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Breaking The Ice on Moriches Bay…in The Summer

My daughter proves all of us possess an interest in fishing. Lyman, my oldest child sent me a text on Friday: “Will you take me fishing?” I almost fell off my chair! This young woman, now 24, who is very much her mother’s daughter, caught me completely off guard. She’s [...]

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Chippewa Flowage in Hayward, Wisconsin

  Bratwurst and Musky on the Chippewa Flowage In the northernmost part of Wisconsin, after the long cold spring and prior to the hot dry summer, there is a brief time where colors from the yellow, pink and white flowers explode on the sides of every roadbed. Not only was there [...]

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Zen Fishing and Cooking With Anita Lo: Manhattan to Moriches Bay

From Manhattan to Moriches, we follow our love and inspiration for fishing and cooking! Full disclosure: I had dinner at the restaurant Annisa, in Manhattan, and fell for Anita Lo. Her approach to restaurant design, service staff, menu writing, and even the plating of my first course of barbecued squid was [...]

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