Hatchery Steelhead with Smashed Potatoes and Wild Greens

Eel River: Benbow, California Adapted from a recipe demonstrated by Joshua Schwartz: Executive Chef Del Dotto Vineyards Josh Schwartz has an eye for all tasty things in the wild. When invited to spend a day fishing and cooking with our American Rivers Tour crew, he was quick to suggest we start by foraging for [...]

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Cooking Rainbow Trout Over Fire: Snake River Surf & Turf

It’s not often that a trout is harvested from any river and transferred directly to the skillet on the American Rivers Tour. Previously unknown to us, the Idaho Fish & Game Department is focused on reducing non-native rainbow trout in the Snake River. For this special occasion, we harvested a 19 inch non-native rainbow [...]

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Red Flannel Hash

Planning for a float trip requires lists. One of my favorite lists involves kitchen prep for the riverside lunch, or in this case, brunch. Having found a perfect Fishpond canvas cooler at Henry’s Fork Anglers step one was taken care of. Everything I needed fit into one package including the cast iron skillets, paper [...]

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Buffalo Tenderloin: Lakeside Lodge, Island Park, Idaho

The Lakeside Lodge is hidden and off the beaten path - perhaps that’s what I liked most about the establishment. Situated at the top of the Island Park Reservoir on Henry’s Fork River, it’s a perfect base camp for adventure oriented groups, especially if you’re fishing anywhere in and around Yellowstone. The lodge is [...]

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Blackened Buffalo Medallions: Lakeside Lodge, Island Park, Idaho

After a successful day at Mesa Falls, on our way to the lodge we took a left hand turn off of Highway 20 late in the afternoon. Heading into unchartered territory for us, not really knowing where we were going or what to expect. In a hurry to arrive, timing was key to catch [...]

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Grilled Montauk Fluke over Mrs. B’s Kale Salad

Herb mayonnaise is a great way to flavor a fish fillet or steak while still keeping in the moisture as it cooks. This is a super easy recipe that can be adapted to whatever fresh herbs you have in your kitchen or garden. Serving grilled fish over a kale salad keeps the healthy component of [...]

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Cornmeal Crusted Catfish Desert Solitaire

The origins of this recipe are said to have been attributed to Edward Abbey, the park ranger nature writer, who was like the Thoreau of the Wilderness Movement. On one of his more challenging trips, while floating Utah’s Green River, after five days and out of food rations, he created this dish from their [...]

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Long Island Clam Supper: Bucatini & Littlenecks

Feeding the family is fundamental. Nothing brings me more joy than planning a meal for the people that I love. Being the father of three girls, fishing hasn’t been the thing we automatically turn to when everyone’s in town. Cooking together, on the other hand, is a daily routine. We generally start the conversation [...]

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Mid Summer Garden Vegetable Escabeche

The garden at Estia’s Little Kitchen is in full production: carrots, flat beans, green beans, jalapeño peppers and cilantro all in abundance. Here’s how to whip up a great, edible gift to bring to all the house parties that happen this time of year. These refrigerator pickles are also perfect to serve at home [...]

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