Twisted in Tivoli: Annandale on Hudson to Hudson | Empire State Trail #8 | 4/6/21

Back on River Road in a parking area for a scenic hike called Poet's Walk, on a property that’s thought to be the inspiration for Rip Van Winkle. This preserve has a scenic trail that borders the Hudson River and provides a phenomenal view of the Catskill mountain range to the west. Not designated [...]

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Tuesday with Charlie: New Paltz to Annandale on Hudson | Day #7 | 03/30/21

Tuesday morning tossed me in the mixer again. Having cruised through New Paltz on Monday, signs for the Empire State Trail along the main drag had me convinced that all I needed to do the following day was to cross the river and make my way to the parking area on Springtown road. Little [...]

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Over the river and through the woods: Hopewell Junction to New Paltz | Empire State Trail #6 | 3/29/21

The Hopewell Junction Depot parking area was empty when I pulled in at 10am on Monday, March 29th. Shortly after I arrived, my riding partner for the day, Benny Zaken pulled in with his wife, my cousin Grace. Benny and Grace live just down the road in East Fishkill. He’s a regular on this [...]

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The Prison Break: Pawling to Hopewell Junction Day | Empire State Trail, Hudson River ride #5 | 3/22/21

Approaching the trail this morning had me touring Stormville countryside. I was thinking north was south from the get go, moving forward I’m going to check my cell phone's compass on arrival to the general vicinity of EST trail parking areas. This one is in Stormville on South GreenHaven road, just down the street [...]

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Mahopac to Holmes, NY – The Putnam county roller coaster | Empire State Trail, Hudson River ride #4 | 3/15/21

The Empire State Trail parking area on Rt. 6 is across the street from Bikeways, a bike shop that provided easy google map directions which helped me find my way back to the trail. I’m still not able to use the trail maps as a google map link for navigating back to the spot [...]

2021-03-18T10:07:43+00:00March 15th, 2021|Empire State Trail|

New Castle to Mahopac | Empire State Trail, Hudson River Ride #3 | 3/9/21

When I started planning for this Hudson River Ride my intention was to stay as close to the river as possible, ride from Manhattan to Canada, spend time with friends and order from as many creative menus as I could find. Today checked every box on the list, even though the original itinerary didn’t [...]

2021-03-18T09:41:29+00:00March 9th, 2021|Empire State Trail|

Ardsley to New Castle | Empire State Trail, Hudson River Ride #2 | 3/8/21

Day two of my Hudson River Ride started at the Croton on Hudson train station, arriving in time to purchase a ticket to Ardsley and Metro North bike permit. I was thrilled that the drive from East Hampton had gone smoothly. For this leg of the trip it seemed appropriate to travel to the [...]

2021-03-18T09:40:35+00:00March 8th, 2021|Empire State Trail|

Empire State Trail, Hudson River Ride #1 | 3/4/21

It’s been over a year since the American Rivers Tour’s been on the road. Covid restrictions closed the airports and quarantine regulations kept me close to home. When I heard that the Empire State Trail had opened, the next river adventure was right in front of me. On the first Wednesday in March I [...]

2021-03-18T06:12:08+00:00March 4th, 2021|Empire State Trail|
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