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Jackson Hole to Mesa Falls, and 20 Minutes on Henry’s Fork River

In May of 1978 I found a flyer posted on a bulletin board at my Alma Mater Utah State University. With a dismal Freshman year behind me, I was looking for a job and I saw an offer on the flyer to plant trees in the Wyoming Hoback Mountain Range. [...]

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Breaking The Ice on Moriches Bay…in The Summer

My daughter proves all of us possess an interest in fishing. Lyman, my oldest child sent me a text on Friday: “Will you take me fishing?” I almost fell off my chair! This young woman, now 24, who is very much her mother’s daughter, caught me completely off guard. She’s [...]

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Long Island Clam Supper: Bucatini & Littlenecks

Feeding the family is fundamental. Nothing brings me more joy than planning a meal for the people that I love. Being the father of three girls, fishing hasn’t been the thing we automatically turn to when everyone’s in town. Cooking together, on the other hand, is a daily routine. We generally start the conversation [...]

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Schreiner’s Restaurant in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Driving to Wisconsin’s North Woods is a decade’s old adventure for me and inspired so many of my interests as well as my professional life today. Way ahead of packing up the family station wagon, as a child I’d daydream about everything from catching frogs and bluegill to picking blueberries in the woods with [...]

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Mid Summer Garden Vegetable Escabeche

The garden at Estia’s Little Kitchen is in full production: carrots, flat beans, green beans, jalapeño peppers and cilantro all in abundance. Here’s how to whip up a great, edible gift to bring to all the house parties that happen this time of year. These refrigerator pickles are also perfect to serve at home [...]

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